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This new animated series is like a musical sitcom and cooking show combo meal! Each season will boast a 10-episode collection that explores what foods are, where they come from, and how they can all work together to become part of a bigger recipe. Also included are selfie videos of fans around the world making these foods in their own kitchens. Cooked up mid-pandemic by Brodie Rush and Cori Anne Weber, Food People is a global project that creates remote jobs for artists and values knowledge, diversity, and inclusion as much as it values quality entertainment. Our Kickstarter campaign to fund the first 3 installments was successfully completed in Nov 2020, and we’re currently in the production phase of episodes 2 and 3.



1.) Donating to Food People is now tax deductible!

If you're making a basic charitable donation (one that is not purchasing a special reward from any of our campaigns [aka you aren't receiving any goods in return]), you can deduct it from your taxes. You will receive a "thank you" receipt with your payment that can be used for your IRS statement write-off. 

2.) It's important!

More than just an animated show, our mission to feed kids around the world a steady diet of truth, inclusion, cultural connection, digital literacy, and the knowledge it takes to feed themselves is in full swing - but none of our accomplishments would exist without the support of our donors!

We are still in the early stages of our startup, which is entirely self-produced and does not have a direct funding source - so we need all the help we can get! While making a donation to Food People helps us produce the show and keep the lights on, there are also a number of other causes you'll be supporting with your contributions, like:

  • Creating jobs and internships for artists and students
  • Developing new inclusive learning styles 
  • Bringing arts and tech integration to the disability sector 
  • Providing workshops for schools that don't have arts funding
  • Connecting people and classrooms internationally
  • Advancing our mission to get families in the kitchen together 
  • and more!

In addition, you'll be helping other independent filmmakers fund their projects, because 7% of every donation goes to our fiscal sponsor: From the Heart Productions. Their knowledge and guidance has been invaluable to us and our business, and we are incredibly proud to support their mission of mentoring independent artists who need funding for important film projects that make a contribution to society.



Our extremely small team is currently working hard to self-produce season one of an original animated series while simultaneously launching our Virtual Animation Labs program, which uses digital mediums, performance-based animation, remote technology, live interaction, and storytelling elements to achieve problem solving and learning goals. Our friendly, relatable, non-binary food characters provide a safe, inclusive space for self-empowerment, arts and tech integration, team building, curriculum-based learning, and behind-the-scenes fun that is currently being implemented into schools, clubs, companies, small groups, and private homes around the world.



Aside from moving on to Episode 3, Food People will be venturing out of the US through a virtual partnership with Downlights in Auckland, New Zealand. This particular project, which is partially funded by an Inspiration Grant from ArtsKCwill bring arts integration into the disability sector by exploring self-empowerment and team building through a unique series of virtual animation workshops. 



Our first episode, Food People: Grilled Cheese - which is also a short film - is hot-n-ready for streaming!
Thank you for your support! Food People wouldn't exist without our friends, donors... and viewers like you!

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Is my donation tax deductible?
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Do I get a receipt?
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